Michael was in football practice today and was doing some kind of team building exercise with a gigantic ball. He turned the wrong way and came up with a severe case of Acute Neck Pain, Whiplash or sometimes called Torticollis. His neck was literally stuck on one side. See what we did for him in less than 6.37 minutes. I don't know about you but I would call his recovery "AWESOME!" You judge for yourself.

Dodi has been through the ringer for the past 30 years. This girl has had back surgery to remove a hernated disc. She has had 3 different chiropractors over 30 years and many other alternative health advisors that in my book failed her. Watch this video and see what ONE properly performed CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENT to the neck can do. As I say in the title 'YOU WON'T BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENS!" Sign up for your MIRACLE today.

Carlos is a BUS driver that has had years of sciatica, restless leg syndrome, hand numbness, shoulder pain, dizziness, neck pain, shin pain, significant arthritis, insomnia and constant anxiety and depression for years. Watch this story and be amazed at how a CHIROPRACTIC NECK adjustment has changed this persons life.

Newport Harbor Varsity Hotshot Football player Michael has had play stopping pain for 2 years. He's a Big, Flexible & Strong 16 year old that couldn't play his favorite game full out until he showed up at our office. His pain has always been in his low back but at So Cal Chiropractic we don't CHASE SYMPTOM's we TREAT the CAUSE. Look at how much better he is after a REAL CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENT to his NECK. I love what I do and when it's helping our FOOTBALL TEAM feel great so they can KICK SOME BUTT. I'm a happy Doc.

Michael has had Low Back Pain since high school. He found our channel and immediately made an appointment for himself and his mother, Katie which also had 10/10 leg pain. We ended up videoing both the MOTHER & SON and the results were amazing.